Be Active - Not Inactive

Be Active - Not Inactive

The simple term, active, can have many different interpretations or meanings. Some definitions say: “engaged in action, involving physical effort, participation,” etc.
My definition of active is simply: a continuous action.
So then, what does it mean to be inactive? It simply means NOT active.

Are you active in your faith? Or are you inactive?
What does it look like to be active in our faith?

To be active in our faith, we need to be continuously learning, praying, and applying the Word to our everyday lives. We need to have an active relationship with Him, not just when it’s convenient. So how can we do that?

Step 1: Be Prepared
Every single day we are faced with either tiny problems or big struggles. How do you respond? It’s so easy to let ourselves freak out and panic in not knowing what to do next, but the next time you face a problem immediately stop and say, “God, you’ve got this.” Don’t just say it in your head, SPEAK LIFE to those words! Trust in Him.

Step 2: Be Intentional
How do you spend your time with God? Are you a morning person or an evening person? Honestly, it doesn’t matter what time of day you spend with Him, but it needs to be uninterrupted, quiet, and purposeful. Don’t just read to read. Highlight & underline what God is speaking to you.

Step 3: Be a Conversationalist
What do you talk to God about?
Do you only pray to ask for things that you want?
Don’t pray selfishly. Instead, ask for God's will in that situation. Be at peace with whatever the outcome is. Give Him thanks for the accomplishments and achievements in your everyday life. Pray to God as a friend. Talk with Him as a friend.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope this encourages you today to be more active in your faith!

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