behind the biz

Welcome to Contagious Faith, we’re so glad you’re here! Our business is family owned and operated! Working together so far has been a dream come true and we can’t thank you enough for supporting our small business! Our mission is to clothe as many women and children in the Word of God as possible! We strongly feel that the clothing we wear can help to start a conversation with others about Jesus and help more people make Heaven their home!

Be contagious with your faith, let’s make Heaven crowded!


Contagious Faith started as a vision from God during a normal Sunday church service. Sounds crazy right? That’s what I used to think too until it happened to me! During the service our guest speaker was talking about ways to make Jesus famous, and as she was talking I kept thinking to myself “how can I make Jesus famous in my everyday life?” A few minutes later she said the word “contagious” and it hit me like a brick wall! It was like I was watching a movie in front of me of how everything was supposed to play out.. I instantly knew I was going to open an online store with my family called Contagious Faith to sell faith based clothing. Not only that, I immediately knew my mission statement and had a vision of what I wanted our logo to look like and everything! While this was playing out in my head I had the biggest smile on my face because I couldn’t contain my excitement! My sister and husband kept nudging me trying to get me to stop and figure out what the deal was! Soon after, the service ended and I told my entire family! They may have looked at me like I was crazy for a second, but instantly knew it was a total God thing! Fast forward a few months of looooong nights working on bringing this vision to life… and here we are!

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