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Contagious Faith started as a vision from God during a normal Sunday church service. Sounds crazy right? That’s what I used to think too until it happened to me! During the service our guest speaker was talking about ways to make Jesus famous, and as she was talking I kept thinking to myself “how can I make Jesus famous in my everyday life?” A few minutes later she said the word “contagious” and it hit me like a brick wall! It was like I was watching a movie in front of me of how everything was supposed to play out.. I instantly knew I was going to open an online store with my family called Contagious Faith to sell faith based clothing. Not only that, I immediately knew my mission statement and had a vision of what I wanted our logo to look like and everything! While this was playing out in my head I had the biggest smile on my face because I couldn’t contain my excitement! My sister and husband kept nudging me trying to get me to stop and figure out what the deal was! Soon after, the service ended and I told my entire family! They may have looked at me like I was crazy for a second, but instantly knew it was a total God thing! Fast forward a few months of looooong nights working on bringing this vision to life… and here we are! 

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