Your Story is Not Over

Your Story is Not Over

I love a good ending to a story. There’s nothing better than a fairy tale ending-happily ever after, right?
But is that real life?

We don’t live in a world of fairy tales. In Genesis, God tells us that we will live in a world of sin and darkness. So when things don’t go our way and we feel like our story is over - it’s far from it. God is in control! He has a plan, if we listen to Him. Are you listening?

Throughout the Bible, we see the lives of imperfect people that God uses in mighty ways. Elijah was depressed & Moses committed murder. If God can use these people that we look up to as heroes, then why can’t He use you? Your past and your mistakes do not define you. God DEFINES you.

We are human, God created us in His image. It’s okay to have highs and lows in life. As long as we are in our Word and seeking Him during those highs and lows, He will provide for us. He knows our hearts.

God created you for a purpose. You may be thinking to yourself right now, “Oh yeah? Like what?” Maybe He hasn’t revealed it to you yet. Have you asked Him? Have you prayed to him? Have you sat in still and perfect silence to let Him speak to you? Can you hear His whisper?
Don’t give up on Him, because He hasn’t given up on you.

Your story isn’t over, God is the narrator to your life. Flip the page. Go the next chapter and see what God has waiting for you.

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